Luis Miguel in Quito Ecuador - Concert ticket prices

"The Mexican Sun will shine in Ecuador as, responding to the persistent requests of his numerous fans, event organizers have now released the eagerly anticipated concert details."

luis miguel concert quito ecuador

"He is a Mexican-Puerto Rican singer and producer. Renowned for his powerful voice, he stands as one of the most successful performers in the realm of Spanish music."

The melodies of Luis Miguel will arrive in the nation with his 2024 tour, named the Luis Miguel Tour 2024. The Mexican singer is presently journeying through numerous Latin American nations, and although Ecuador wasn't originally included in the lineup, his devoted Ecuadorian supporters accomplished it. The Mexican Sun will serenade them with his concert in the upcoming year.

Ehe concert is scheduled to occur in Quito city at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium on February 21, 2024. Ticket sales are being managed by Feel The Tickets, the same ticketing agency that was involved in the Bad Bunny concert held in the Ecuadorian capital."

Luis Miguel's Quito Concert: Ticket Categories and Costs

Sun Box: 269 $ más impuestos y tasas

Platino Incondicional: 235 $ más impuestos y tasas

Gentle Golden: 190 $ más impuestos y tasas

Palco: 110 $ más impuestos y tasas

Bikini Fan Zone: 85 $ más impuestos y tasas

Tribuna: 70 $ más impuestos y tasas

Preferencia: 55 $ más impuestos y tasas

General Admission: $35 plus taxes and fees"

Luis Miguel concert Localidad

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  • En coche: A 25 minutos en coche podrá aparcar cómodamente cerca del estadio.
  • En taxi: Un viaje en taxi de 25 minutos, con tarifas sujetas a varios factores.

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