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The famous Colombian singer Feid, also known as Ferxxo, recognized for being one of the great representatives of urban music, plans to give two concerts in Ecuador as part of his first tour of Latin America. On March 31 he will delight the audience at the Coliseo General Rumiñahui in Quito, while on April 1 he will be present at the Coliseo Voltaire in Guayaquil.

Feid Ferxxo in Concert Quito Ecuador Nearby Hotels
Feid in Concert – Ferxxo Nitro Jam Tour

Ferxxo is recognized as one of the most outstanding musicians in his genre thanks to his popular songs “Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo”, “Normal” and “Ferxxo 100”, which have revolutionized social networks in the continent and have catapulted him as a sales phenomenon among young people. In 2022, he received two important awards at the Tu Música Urbana 2022 Awards, held in San Juan (Puerto Rico), where he won in the categories “Top Rising Male Star” and “New Artist Album of the Year”.


  • Location: General Rumiñahui Coliseum
  • Date: Friday, March 31st
  • Time: 20h00


  • Location: Voltaire Polo Coliseum
  • Date: Saturday, April 01st
  • Time: 20h00

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