Maná in Concert – Quito Ecuador

The artists return to the Ecuadorian stages after an absence of 12 years.

Maná in concert

The Mexican group plans to perform in Quito.

Fher, Alex, Sergio and Juan are teaming up once again for a Latin American tour, and Ecuador is included in their performances. According to Output, the Ecuadorian company organizing the show, the Mexico Lindo y Querido Tour is a celebration of love and admiration for their native country and the Latin community of all generations.

The creators of hits such as Rayando El Sol, Clavado En Un Bar and Oye Mi Amor return to Ecuador after a long absence of 12 years.

A tribute to their home country

On this upcoming tour, the group pays tribute to their country of origin, Mexico. The concerts will be a celebration of love and admiration for their homeland and the Latin communities. The show promises an unforgettable night for their fans, full of music and emotions. During the two-hour performance, the band will perform their greatest hits from the 11 albums released throughout their 30-year musical career.

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